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FREE Webinar
Learn how we use PAIRS TRADING to limit risk and benefit from market movement up or down. 
We Will Walk You Through Our Latest Strategies And How We Are Playing These Markets Lately

Friday, Nov 6th

@ 2:00 PM EST

Jason Jenkins

Head Trader and Founder
What You Will Learn In This Free Webinar:
How To Find The True TIMING Edge
We will teach you a few simple repeatable timing strategies that are applicable across any market and multiple time-frames.
Why The Global Business Cycle Matters 
Trading isn't just about identifying the best edges or patterns, you have to have a repeatable risk management process and recognize where the major global macro trends are.
Why Our Team Is The Best
We pride ourselves on having a global trading team. No matter where you are in your experience and career, if you want it badly enough we would love to have you on the team. 
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