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This service is ideal for 
SWING TRADES (trades over several days to several weeks), and for 
LONG-TERM CORE POSITIONING (trades & investments for several weeks to several months).

Profit Huge In Both Bull & Bear Markets!

In today's trading world, there is no longer any need to tie up your entire account's buying power trading shares of stocks and ETFs - not when you can use the power of option spreads to control the same amount of shares for 5x or even 10x less the amount of capital, and actually risk less!


Utilize Our Institutional Directional Model

Our Proprietary Inside Scanners Of Major Market Players

Learn Our Favorite Ratio Spreads and Find Ideal Option Contracts

Harness The Power Of Selling TIME & Protect Profits Hedging

One option play & signal from our VOLATILITY STRATEGY alone could potentially pay for the entire membership. We had over a 90% win rate and huge gains this year from just this one ETF. 

This is definitely one of our favorite strategies you have to learn and profit from. 

The ability to take advantage of the leveraged decay in these ETFs is a true secret money maker!


And Here Is Our Special Offer...

Our Traditional Options Course and Program Was About ....

How We Trade Options & The Strategies We Use To Make And Save Money

Based Mainly On Our Institutional Directional Model 

And We Cover The Most Powerful Spreads To Capitalize On These Directional Edges

However...Now We Took This Membership To A Whole New Level!

Not Only Will You Get All Of The Old Option Course Tools & Training:

  • Learn One Of The Best Kept Secrets In Options Trading - The Ratio Back Spread (Our Favorite Strategy)
  • Discover How to Generate Weekly Income From Writing Options
  • ​Master Outright Calls & Puts Strategies

Now You Will Also Learn & Receive These Bonuses...

           12 Month Access To CycleEdge                    $588    Value 

            Access To ALL OUR TRADING COURSES!              
                        Intro to Forex                                        $499    Value 
                        Pi Cycle Trading Secrets                    $499    Value 

           Our Entire Proprietary Institutional
           Directional Trading Model                          $1,995    Value

           This Equals Our Entire Comprehensive
           Course Package

                                             $6,076  Value

But To Start The New Year
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Limited Spots - Lifetime Membership!

We're only doing this for the first 20 people at this price. (This offer is so unbelievable considering what all others have paid and the amount of TIME and experience behind our trading models!)

After This Introductory Price
The Annual Membership Will Go To
$1,999 Per Year

Not To Mention You Will Be A Part Of A Team
For The Long-Term

Give yourself the gift of a new edge and a new high level skill set that will help you earn the REAL money you want in 2020!

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