Whether you are an independent investor or an institutional trader....We have a cyclical & directional edge for you!
Join Us Today! We have a one stop shop approach to meet your needs and deliver the edges that fit your trading lifestyle.
Our institutional coverage gives you access to our top down fractal directional and cyclical model with timing alerts and risk management strategies across asset classes. This product is also geared toward specific markets for those institutional traders that may only focus on one particular market or asset class. This product includes all Analysis, Updates, Trade Ideas, Real-Time Alerts, Direct Access to Jason, and private custom Live Trading Rooms. 
Trading Course Package
This is a our flagship product and service for the independent trader/investor. These courses are all about identifying from a top down global macro perspective the opportunities and risk across all markets and then applying our timing process and trading model on intraday and intermediate-term swing trade time-frames. This package is good for any market -  stocks, equities, ETFs, sector plays, commodities, bonds, and forex. 
Gain A Real Professional Edge In The Crypto Digital Asset Space
But Also The Major Global Macro Asset Classes

Blockchain is clearly the future on the other side of this insane old legacy failing centrally planned system. This membership takes advantage of the new digital asset classes available in Blockchain & Crypto but at the same time employing our disciplined strategic processes and executing on our proprietary directional model across all global macro markets.
Volatility and the options market is a major factor contributing to price movement and directionality. It's critical to understand the rates of change as it relates to volatility as well as what affects an options delta. Changes in the underlying price, changes in implied volatility, and changes in TIME, all are major factors contributing to option deltas and pricing. This is a key determinant in liquidity of markets and major players like dealers must adjust to changes in this Gamma and Vanna exposure. We have a proprietary model to trade and take advantage of these changes in vol. 
Our premier options trading service, this membership is perfect for smaller accounts & generating extra income from your investments. This service is ideal for SWING TRADES (trades over several days to several weeks), and for LONG-TERM CORE POSITIONING (trades & investments for several weeks to several months).
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